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A Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) is performed by the Safety Officer and/or Emergency Preparedness Chair to identify areas of vulnerability so that provisions may be undertaken to lessen the severity and impact of an emergency.

1.  The HVA identifies all hazards that are most likely to impact the organization, or community, and it includes the vulnerability of the hospital buildings and grounds.  The results of the HVA may be used to mitigate potential risks and prepare for managing emergency responses.

2. The HVA and emergency response planning process are performed in concert with local and county emergency management planning processes.

3.  Preparedness efforts are prioritized, in part, by the critical score calculated by the HVA form.  The criticality score is calculated by scoring the following indicators for each likely hazard:

a.  Probability:  includes known risk(s), geographic location, historical data, presence of local high risk industry, manufacturer or vendor statistics, and local emergency management HVA results.

b.  Risk:  includes the likehood of threats to life/health, disruption of services, equipment or facility damage or failure possibilities, loss of community trust and financial impact on the organization.

c.  Preparedness:  includes the assessment of emergency response plans relative to the identified hazards, the training of hospital staff, exercise and drill outcomes, response to actual emergencies, the availability of back-up and redundant back-up systems, the availability of community resources, and other preparedness issues.

4.  The HVA is reviewed by the Emergency Preparedness Chair and the Safety Committee and any recommendations for migration and preparedness activities are made to relevant departments and Administration.  The results of the HVA are also shared with department managers and Medical Staff leaders.  The distribution of HVA results and related education and information is the responsibility of department managers and Medical Staff leaders.

Review Period:
The HVA is reviewed, at minimum, on an annual basis and revised accordingly.  More frequent reviews are conducted as the probability, risk and preparedness of the current or new hazards change.